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Whether you're a school, hotel or office we are able to offer a range of fire alarms to suit your needs from small conventional systems to large addressable wireless systems.


From networked ANPR cameras to camera's linked to your phone, Hades Fire Protection can work with you to provide the best system for your needs.


Whether you want to protect your home or business we can provide a tailored security system, including remote monitoring and maintenance


An access control system will help to give you peace of mind about the safety of your property, assets, and the building occupants whether they be tenants or employees.


Portable fire extinguishers are still the first line of defence for tackling a small fire as well as being a statutory and liability insurance requirement. We can supply and maintain.

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Hades Fire does 3 hour emergency lighting tests in accordance with BS5266-1:2016 and will provide a free quotation to replace any fails.  We can also fit new lights.  

Hades Fire Protection - 0800 610 2666

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