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Fire Detection 

Hades Fire Protection is accredited to BAFE SP203-1 for the Design, Installation, Commissioning/Handover and Maintenance of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (ID: 301634) for both commercial and domestic properties.  

Knowing what your responsibilities are or understanding what Category or Grade your fire alarm should be can be intimidating but we can work with you to ensure you meet the requirements of BS5839-1 or 6.

Whatever the size and nature of your property  Hades Fire Protection is able to supply, install and maintain the best system for your needs at competitive prices, starting with a FREE no obligation survey​ if you are in the Kent or London areas.

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Hades Fire Protection covers every aspect from design to handover:

Fire Alarm Design

Hades Fire Protection is able design new from plan, modify or update existing designs using AutoCad. We can also verify existing designs and provide comprehensive reports clearly outlining assets, condition and life cycle of the system, along with recommendations to ensure you meet current legislative and regulatory requirements. All designs comply with the relevant European and British Standards including BS5839 and EN54.

Fire Alarm Installation

Conventional Fire Alarms: ideal for smaller premises. They work through detection zones which are connected to automatic fire detectors. If there is a fire then both the detector and the relevant zone on the main control panel will light up so you will be able to identify where the fire is. Alarm sounders or beacons, usually on a separate circuit, will also be activated by the control panel. If the building is larger or contains many zones then we would recommend an analogue addressable fire alarm system.


Addressable Fire Alarms: ideal for more complex systems or large buildings. They work by wiring detectors in a loop, with each detector having a unique address which means the fire alarm panel can communicate with each detector independently and identify the status of each specific detector from faults to contamination to alarms. This helps to quickly identify what is going on and ensures a quick and accurate response to any problem.



When a new system is installed it has to be tested and commissioned before it is deemed fit for purpose. This is to ensure that it meets British Standards (BS-5839:2017) and will work in the way that is intended. A system without relevant certification will not be accepted by relevant authorities or insurers so could be very costly.

Here at Hades Fire Protection commissioning is quoted at the start of the installation process to avoid the shock of unexpected hidden costs when the system is up and running. We do this because our customers are important and we like to be honest and upfront at every stage.

Alternatively, a customer may require testing and commissioning of a system fitted by another contractor or electrician to ensure that the system meets official requirements. This is another service we are happy to provide, just get in touch.


When we hand over your system to you, fully certified to current British and European regulations, we also offer free training as well as CAD designed zone charts and as-fitted drawings (both printed & on CDs), all included in the cost.

If you're just looking for one part of this process i.e. design or supply only, that is not a problem and we'll work with you to ensure that your customer gets the best system for their needs at a competitive price. 

At handover you will receive all relevant certificates to BS5839:2017, CAD designed as-fitted drawings, a framed CAD designed zone chart, a log book, asset register and a fire-resistant document box.


Customer Training

Customer training is also provided free of charge and includes one-to-one user panel training, a user manual and a staff training certificate.  Our training includes the following:

  • the purpose of the fire alarm system

  • fire control panel safety

  • user responsibilities (including daily inspection and weekly tests procedures)

  • panel indication and controls

  • what to do in a fire condition

  • what to do in a fault condition

  • how to manage disablements

  • fire alarm log book requirements

Wireless Radio Fire Systems

Hades Fire Protection are authorised dealers, installers and commissioners of wireless technology and provide wireless solutions for fire alarm systems, intruder alarm systems, CCTV and public address systems.

Wireless technology is an ideal solution where cables cannot be used. It is simple to install and needs no wiring between detection devices so causes very little disruption of the premises during installation. Packed with features that leave most "hard wired" conventional systems behind, these systems offer true addressable information with almost total user control over set-up and operation.


Get in touch to book in a free survey or quotation

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Hades Fire Protection - 0800 610 2666

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