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CCTV Systems

Hades Fire Protection is an NSI System Silver accredited company and we meet the NSI code of practice for design, installation and maintenance of CCTV surveillance systems to NCP 104.

Whether you are looking to protect your home or business, CCTV can be a good solution when used in conjunction with other security measures. Hades Fire Protection can design, install and maintain your system, as well as providing advice on the legalities of CCTV and supporting you if you need to seek advice from the Information Commissioners Office. 

Whatever the size and nature of your property  Hades Fire Protection is able to supply, install and maintain the best system for your needs at competitive prices, starting with a FREE no obligation survey if you are in the Kent or London areas.

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What are the benefits of CCTV?

CCTV (or Closed Circuit Television) uses cameras to record specific areas of a property recording the image and/or providing a live feed which can be monitored either internally or externally.


The benefits of having cameras on your property include:
  • Peace of Mind - You can sleep well at night knowing that your home or business is under surveillance and that if an intruder were to enter your property, they would be caught on tape. People at the premises will also be given reassuarance and would feel safer. For example, employees would maybe feel more comfortable being alone than if there wasn't CCTV in place to aid their security.

  • Deterring criminal activity - This includes reduced likelihood of burglary, vadalism, shoplifting and trespassing from people outside of your home and organisation. Criminals are often intimidated if they feel they are going to get caught in the act.

  • Aiding Prosecution - If a criminal offence is commited on your property CCTV is a useful tool in identifying the offender to help the police make an arrest. Court cases are also much more likely to be successful if CCTV evidence is used in the trial.


What is a Monitored CCTV system?

A monitored system is one that makes digital recording of the pictures captured by a CCTV system, but can also provide a live feed which can be viewed from anywhere else in the world.


There are two main ways in which a system can be monitored.

  1. A simple system can be connected to your router and viewed either online or via a network by yourself. 

  2. The second option is more complicated but takes some worry off of your shoulders and is very reliable and effective in deterring criminal activity. We can connect your CCTV system to an intruder detection system (either new or existing) and transmit the feed to an NSI Gold registered Alarm Recieving Centre (ARC). When the intruder system is breached, the ARC can check the feed from the cameras and take the best steps to protect your property. This could include calling emergency response units, alerting keyholders, or using speakers on your property to directly communicate with the trespasser. 


Why choose Hades Fire Protection?
  • NSI System Silver accredited company for the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV sytems. 

  • FREE no obligation survey

  • FREE environmental survey to assess lighting of premises with the option of getting more lighting (either white light or covert infrared) to imporve the security of your site and provide clearer CCTV images

  • FREE first years maintenance 

  • Engineers experienced in the design of CCTV systems, enabling them to entegrate with intruder systems, motion sensors and communication technology

  • IPAF and PASMA licensed engineers for high access equipment, meaning we can install in those hard to reach areas

  • Thorough training in legislation to ensure your system complies with the Data Protection Act 1998, ensuring you don't get caught out and landed with large penalties


Get in touch for a free survey and quote

0800 610 2666

Hades Fire Protection - 0800 610 2666

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