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Remote Communications

Hades Fire Protection offers two services for remote communications, either a simple digital communicator connected to a panel or our RedCare remote monitoring service through NSI Gold approved Southern Monitoring Services.


1. Digital Communicator

This solution can be ideal for those on a budget.  This is where an alarm panel is connected to a communicator (either a telephone, mobile or pager) and sends a signal to up to 7 predefined numbers. It provides the facility to either monitor the alarm yourself (eg by calling nominated telephone numbers) or can be monitored by our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

This is particularly good for large sites where you have on-site maintenance or security.

2. RedCare

Southern Monitoring Services

We work together with the NSI gold approved alarm receiving centre (ARC) Southern Monitoring Services. They are the largest independent ARC in the UK with over 30 years' experience and achieved the first NSI Quality Assurance ISO 9002 certificate. 

They are NSI ARC Gold accredited to provide high integrity monitoring of the monitoring of fire alarms in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2008, NSI SSQS 102 and BS5979:2007.SMSlogo
Through Southern Monitoring Service we are able to offer the following forms of monitoring: 
  • Digital Communicator
  • Redcare Classic/GSM/Secure


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